Assumption of the Blessed Virigin Mary School

O'Fallon, MO

Welcome to Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School (ABVM), where students aged PreK 3 through 8th grade experience an academic education rooted in the Gospel message of "love and acceptance".

Here, your child will feel secure and develop a sense of purpose and value.  Our “littles” are offered opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery to build lifelong critical thinking skills and foster confidence.  Likewise, our older students learn through hands-on experiences: experimentation in Science Labs, 1-1 technology in every class, and investigative projects where they become the explorers, discoverers, problem solvers and inventors.

Infusing National Catholic Standards and Missouri State Standards, our holistic approach to learning - mind, body and spirit -  challenges students to achieve in a robust academic environment with a vibrant focus on values.

Join us as we build the future generation of leaders for our world!

Dr. Patricia Hensley


United in Christ and guided by the spirit of our Blessed Mother, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Elementary School is rooted in the Gospel message of love and acceptance.  In educating the whole person, "Mind, Body, and Spirit," we transform each student through the power of faith and knowledge, inspiring each to bring Christ to the world.


How to develop a heart and mind for God? Create an environment where students experience faith in every class.  Example: Discuss the Catholic view of the Death Penalty in a social studies class and students relate faith to life.  Embrace students’ leadership through service and prayer, and watch students connect faith to actions.  Empower teachers to share their faith, and students hear and witness the power of faith.


Creativity, critical-thinking, communications skills, problem-solving, listening skills and perseverance are the academic strengths of Assumption. We develop these skills from a young age, continually re-enforcing them with learning experiences.  Academic quality focuses on student needs and requires ABVM faculty to analyze data, dedicate time to educational research, use of best practices, and on-going assessment.  Offering a mapped curriculum, infusing National and State standards we successfully create independent and motivated learners.

Dynamic Community

Spanish I (HS credit) - 8th graders

Pre-Algebra/ Algebra I for 8th graders

Talented and Gifted Program

Four (4) Learning Consultants

Two (2) Robotics Teams

Student Council

National Junior Honor Society

Rosary Club

Yoga Grades K-3 and 4-8

Ballet - ages PreK 3 and PreK 4

Karate - ages PreK 3 and PreK 4

Dance grades K-3 and 4-8


A+ Art

Mad Scientist Program

Building Blocks Baseball ages 3-7



100% of graduates are accepted into their high school of choice.
93% of graduates attend Catholic high schools.
Top 20% of graduates achieve 94th percentile on ITBS standardized testing.
8th grade graduates' reading grade level (average) = 10th Grade
8th grade graduates' math grade level (average) = 9th Grade

203 W. Third Street
O'Fallon, MO 63366
United States