Phone chains can keep schools connected, foster prayer

May 4, 2020

Across the archdiocese, many parishes and schools have taken up the practice of phone chains. These seek to ensure that everyone in a given parish or education program hear directly from the parish and allow their needs to be heard. In a time of social isolation, these can be a great source of comfort for those who have no one else to check in on them. 

Organize the day for school-at-home

April 21, 2020

When you’re teaching at home, you’ll be more successful if you abandon the idea of replicating a regular school day and, instead, create an easy-to-learn routine.

Catholic Distance Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

April 9, 2020

ArchSTL’s high schools are taking steps to ensure that Catholic spirituality, daily prayer, and community support are among the elements shipped along airwaves to students’ emails along with learning material.