The Right START in Catholic Education

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The Right START (Students Tackling Abortion Realities Today) program is just one of many educational programs offered throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis Catholic schools and parish school and religion which help our students better understand the purpose and value of human life. Right START began decades ago and now reaches thousands of eighth grade students each year, teaching our near high schoolers the importance of cherishing and respecting all life.

A recent article in the St. Louis Review described how a Right START presentation went at Christ Light of the Nations School:

"Terry Trafton, coordinator of Right START, explained to students that at the moment of conception, each one of them was created by God as a unique individual, different from anyone else. “He put that much thought into creating you,” she said. “God is the divine artist.”

After a video on fetal development and subsequent discussion, Trafton shifted the conversation to the topic of abortion. Students watched another video, which gave verbal explanations of the types of abortion procedures; the video also included interviews with Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood manager turned pro-life advocate; and Chuck and Linda Raymond, who had an abortion in 1976 and now share their story to educate others about the pain that comes from abortion."

In addition to fostering superior academic skills in our classrooms, we offer a Right START curriculum which is rooted in our faith. We are teaching our students to live a life the way God intended and to respect any blessing that comes our way in the form of a child. In the Archdiocese of St. Louis, we are indeed teaching what matters most.

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