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In our Mission Statement we articulate the expectation that our graduates, "inspired by the charism of Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ...embrace personal dignity and faith, integrity and compassion, and a commitment to serve others." To achieve this goal, the administration, faculty and staff work hard to provide for our students an excellent and challenging education grounded in gospel values and in the charism and traditions of our founding community, the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We also strive to ensure that our students have the opportunity to practice what they are learning through service to others throughout their four years at Cor Jesu Academy.

We are proud of what we achieve at Cor Jesu – in our classrooms, in our offices, and on our playing fields and stages. Our achievements are due in no small part to a faculty/staff of dedicated, inspiring women and men, who share a common goal – to do what is best for our students. As our Vision Statement asserts, we work in communion to create "a caring community of young women who accept and share God's love."

We encourage you to stay in touch with the vibrant Cor Jesu community through frequent use of our website. We also invite you to visit us in person and to participate in the many events scheduled throughout the year. Administrative staff, teachers, professional and support staff, parents, alums, and present students are happy to introduce you to Cor Jesu and to share their stories, memories and current activities. Visit us any time!

Meghan Bohac, EdD and Kathleen Wobbe Pottinger
Dean of Academics and Dean of Student Life


Cor Jesu Academy, a Catholic, college-preparatory school founded by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, offers an academically challenging program, committed to the total education of young women. Inspired by the charism “SHARING THE LOVE OF THE HEART OF CHRIST,” students embrace personal dignity, faith, integrity, and compassion. Empowered intellectually, spiritually, and morally, graduates serve as responsible members of the global community.


Catholic faith is the thread that runs through every element of the student experience at Cor Jesu. Rooted in the same charism and loving spirit as the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, CJ is a place where everyone, Catholic or not, can experience, accept and share God’s love. Our student’s faith journey includes all-school liturgies, Eucharistic Adoration and Reconciliation; interactive Theology classes, vibrant campus ministry, and frequent prayer.


A Cor Jesu education both challenges and empowers students. With our innovative approach and use of technology, students learn to think beyond their textbooks, explore deeper questions and discover meaning through our curriculum. CJ students are given a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning and are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process. During the 2017-2018 school year, 270 students earned 2,823 college credits.

Dynamic Community

The Cor Jesu community is built on a foundation of love, where members look out for one another. From the start, our students are being prepared for college, careers and beyond, while simultaneously receiving support academically, spiritually and personally during their journey here. Our community events also help strengthen the special bonds and friendships among our students. Additionally, our one-of-a-kind Corporate Partners Initiative connects students with the region’s top companies.


34% of Cor Jesu students receive financial aid
Enrollment: 578 students
Average ACT Score: 30
Cor Jesu students live in 64 different zip codes
8 religious sisters, from the order of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, work as administrators and faculty
The Class of 2018 was awarded $10.8 million in college scholarships

10230 Gravois Road
St. Louis, MO 63123
United States