Incarnate Word Parish School

Chesterfield, MO

Welcome to Incarnate Word Parish School! Our school is one of many vibrant ministries reflecting the dynamic life and spirit of the Incarnate Word Parish community. We invite you to visit and see the wonderful things happening here.

As a learning community, we strive to provide students with a faith-filled, strong academic preparation experience. Just like our great parish, the foundation of our school is rooted in community and family. Every day our students are nourished by our Catholic faith and invited to share their faith through retreat experiences, Mass two times each week, and God-centered social justice teachings combined with service opportunities. Strengthened by knowledge, our students are encouraged to reach for personal excellence in everything they do. Incarnate Word students perform well above the national averages on standardized testing. Our faculty provide learning experiences that educate students with academic rigor, passion, and creativity. Through loving, believing, understanding, and achieving, our students become leaders who can effectively provide meaningful service to all God’s family, now and in the future. Our students are developing leadership skills and displaying these while serving as school ambassadors, student council members, and prayer partners.

When you visit, observe our Grades 3-8 students utilize Chromebooks in a 1:1 setting with access to the world, feel our joy as we illustrate Inclusion Education at its finest, and know that our students are being prepared as the future leaders of our Church and our country!

Ms. Joan LaMarche and Sue Cunningham


With Jesus as our model, and guided by the Holy Spirit, we form life-long learners in Christ who live and witness to the Gospel values in our school, parish, Church, community, and world.


At Incarnate Word Parish School our students and faculty are growing in Mind and Spirit. With Jesus as our model, we share a common purpose and faith journey through our commitment to live and teach the Gospel message. We strive to cultivate an environment that recognizes, supports, and celebrates each person’s unique gifts so that everyone can GROW to reach their full potential.


Incarnate Word School offers a rigorous curriculum utilizing diverse teaching strategies for high student engagement. We place a strong focus on developing higher order thinking skills for all students. Incarnate

Word students score well above the national average on standardized tests and are regularly accepted into their top choice high schools. We provide hands-on STEM based learning with authentic learning activities as well as educational video conferencing.

Dynamic Community

We are a model school of true Inclusive Education. All of our students benefit from learning side by side with learners of all abilities.Incarnate Word extracurricular activities include Student Council and Yearbook Club. Elective Classes encouraging students to pursue interests beyond the regular curriculum — Everyday Trades: plumbing, carpentry, electrical, automotive skills; robotics; Japanese or Italian cooking, sewing/Cricut, chess, origami, band, landscape painting, printmaking, etc.


447 students, with 2 classes at each grade level.
Our 7th and 8th Grade Standardized Test Scores average in the 70th and 80th percentile in core subjects, compared with 50th percentile nationally.
Our students in Grades 3-8 are 1:1 with student Chromeboks and our students in Grades K-2 are 1:2 with iPads.
For core classes, Grades K-2 are self-contained; Grade 3 sees 2 teachers; Grades 4 & 5 see 4 teachers, and Grades 6-8 have 6 teachers.
We have a learning consultant, reading consultant and special education teacher on staff.

13416 Olive Boulevard
Chesterfield, MO 63017
United States