Academy of St. Louis

Manchester, MO
Special Education (K-12)
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The Academy of St. Louis serves students with learning disabilities PK through 12th grade and is the only Catholic special education high school for students in the St. Louis area.  It is accepted by the Archdiocese of St. Louis as an Association of Catholic Faithful school, participating in the educational ministry of the Roman Catholic Church.

Many parents never dream their child could be accepted and understood in school. With our unique approach to education, you and your child will become a member of our supportive, understanding community. The Academy of St. Louis offers a unique grade school and high school program along with a critical post-secondary transition program preparing our students for success and independence after high school no matter what their disability. Specific goals are provided for each student to work towards while attending the Academy providing a clear path to success into adulthood with confidence and courage. The Academy provides a pathway for students with learning challenges to receive additional support in reaching their highest potential academically and socially.

Terri O'Daniel
Executive Director


The Academy of St. Louis assists K-12th Grade students with cognitive learning disabilities.  We provide each student with a safe and nurturing environment, individualized and challenging curriculum, social integration skills and faith formation.  The Academy of St. Louis aids each student in reaching their highest potential providing them with the confidence and knowledge to succeed in life.


The Academy of St. Louis provides a personalized and challenging academic curriculum, helping our students successfully transition from the Academy either by continuing their education at the post-secondary level, a trade school, or gain employment.  After attaining specific goals, some students may transition back to other general educational settings.  We strengthen each student’s ability to communicate and develop social etiquette aiding in their success to form relationships.  The Academy provides opportunities for our students to serve others in their community instilling within them the values of giving of themselves to others.  The Academy helps form the hearts and souls of our students by providing knowledge of the Catholic faith and the values and character displayed by Christ’s life on earth.


The Academy aids each student in achieving their greatest potential in life by providing personal tools for success during their academic years. Individualized curriculum creates an optimal learning environment for our students. The Academy will provide a safe, nurturing environment enabling your child to grow academically, socially and emotionally.

The Academy of St. Louis serves students grades PK-12. Our students have varied levels of aptitude in different academic areas. We specialize in educating students with Aspergers Syndrome (Autism spectrum), ADHD, speech/ language delays, and other cognitive learning disabilities.

Dynamic Community

We fill the gap for students who do not fit the mold of other special education schools or classrooms.  While there are other schools in St. Louis for students with learning disabilities, there are none whose learning environment is structured like the Academy of St. Louis.  Our students are functioning at different academic levels in many subjects.  Therefore, an individual student works at different grade levels depending upon the subject.  Classes are grouped with students with similar abilities but may still be at different grade levels in some subjects and/or using different curricula.  This approach allows the students to accelerate in their areas of strength and move slowly through their areas of difficulty.  Detailed accommodations are possible due to our 3:1 student to staff ratio and the majority of our students will transition into a 2- or 4-year college, while others enter tech schools or gainful employment after graduating from our school.


3:1 Student to teacher ratio
Students have access to Chromebooks, and ASTL teachers utilize Chromebook technology and Epson Whiteboard Projection System during lessons.
Accredited by AdvancED and NAPCS (National Association of Private Catholic Schools)
Special Education (K-12)

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United States