Little Flower School

Richmond Heights, MO

Little Flower Catholic School is open to any student who desires an academically and faith-filled enriched education. Through our innovative approach, we have developed a challenging curriculum that emphasizes individualized instruction. We have an accelerated math program which teaches students based on ability, not grade level. We have an advanced language arts program which offers a challenging, literature-based

reading, writing, and comprehension curriculum. Our commitment to service teaches students to see the face of Jesus in everyone. We embrace a philosophy of learning that is a synthesis of a classical education, experiential learning, and 21st-century technology. Little Flower School is where student’s strengths are challenged and talents nurtured. With 90 years of roots in this community and in education, there is much to celebrate and cherish in our history. Our legacy as a school is not one mired in an inability to change but is instead a legacy of a school which has borne witness to an ever-changing time. As a steadfast community which works together to evolve and grow, we celebrate our success, support each other and build for the future. We offer your family a whole child education, a flexible early childhood program, drop in aftercare, accelerated academics, small classes, a supportive learning environment, Arts and Science exploration and a summer program. Little Flower is committed to connecting community and curriculum for the 21st Century.

Mrs. Gloria Openlander


The mission of Little Flower Catholic School is to teach the message of Jesus within a Catholic Christian community. The school faculty, in cooperation with parents, provides opportunities for children to grow spiritually, morally, socially, physically, and intellectually. We help students realize and use their gifts and talents in order to be productive members of society in the 21st Century, and to make the world a better place in which to live.


How do you help your students develop a heart and mind for God? Religious education is a part of every school day and guides the way we conduct ourselves. Student-led Masses provide opportunities for spiritual leadership in the parish community. Students learn to serve others, attend Adoration, lead weekly prayer services, and learn what it means to be truly Catholic.


Little Flower students consistently score above the national average on ITBS testing, and receive a classical education in conjunction with 21st Century technology.  Our students excel in our accelerated math program, while utilizing a state-of-the-art STEM lab. They also enjoy extra-curricular activities in technology, art, speech, sports, and dance.  We offer Accelerated Math Program; Advanced Literature Program; Advanced Writing Program; Arts and Science Exploration Program; Resource Program K-8th Spanish Program; PK-8th Music Program; and PK- 8th Physical Education.

Dynamic Community

Our activities and programs allow for fellowship and academic enrichment. As part of Character Development, students are arranged into “families” that promote social responsibility, community and service. Arts and Science Exploration classes engage students' interests beyond the standard curriculum; CEEP program is curriculum enhancement that provides opportunities for students to have experiences beyond the classroom. Students can participate in a variety of programs from athletics, speech, gardening, chess, and summer camp.


Celebrating 90 years as a school!
10% increase in PK-8th Grade enrollment
13:1 average student to teacher ratio
In the past 10 years, 8th graders have had their first choice high school and have attended 24 different high schools
18 ZIP Codes represented at Little Flower Catholic School
1:1 Chromebook program in middle school

1275 Boland Place
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
United States