Seton Regional Catholic School

St. Charles, MO

At Seton Regional, our primary purpose is to inspire, engage, and change lives by authentically living and teaching the Faith. Christ is at the heart and soul of our school. This holistic mission is reflected in all that we do, from a challenging academic curriculum to athletic opportunities for all skill levels; thoughtful use of school resources to create a sacred environment; and from our respectful discipline policy to the belief that parents are the primary educators of their children. We strive to equip our students with the best tools possible to fulfill their future roles as good citizens with strong moral character. We emphasize student independence and personal responsibility, time management, critical thinking skills, and the ethical and creative use of technology. Our strong academic curriculum is evident in the number of awards, honors, and scholarships our students receive each year. Our graduates have earned scholarships to area high schools such as DeSmet Jesuit, St. Louis University High School, Visitation Academy, Incarnate Word Academy, Christian Brothers College High School, Duchesne High School, and St. Dominic High School. I sincerely hope that you will consider Seton Regional Catholic School for your children or grandchildren, and share the good news about us with your neighbors. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. We accept children of all faiths and ability levels. We are, truly, One School, One Spirit, with many opportunities!

Kenneth G. Morr


As a Christ-centered school, we believe in providing a safe, loving, and encouraging environment where all children can learn and grow in both faith and academics. we do so, with family partnership, by committing ourselves to the following: : to acknowledge students' basic goodness, to promote their dignity, to honor their fundamental rights, and to help them develop their gift to the fullest. : to educate children to live responsibly, with God's help, for the fullness of life that God wills for each of us. : and to convince and mold these young people to live as if their lives are worthwhile and have significant purpose.


No single person, however generous, talented or holy, can embody the Church of Christ alone-for Christ requires we live and work as a vibrant community of faith. Students are taught to embrace the "give and take" of daily communal life, in the full knowledge that wherever two or three believers are gathered in his name, He, Christ Jesus, promises to be there in the midst of them.


There is a high level of student-teacher rapport, creating a nurturing classroom environment. Students are viewed as individuals with different learning styles and needs. Every decision made at Seton Regional is based upon what is best for the children.

Dynamic Community

The faculty models the values of the Gospel in their lives as witnessed in their relationship with the students. All classrooms have Smart Board technology. The goal for the school is to have one to one chrome books for all students.


Small classroom sizes in primary grades.
One to one chrome books in two years.
Cross country for grades 6-8.
Spanish, Consolidated Band, PreK ballet

1 Seton Court
St. Charles, MO 63303
United States