Notre Dame High School

St. Louis, MO

Dear Potential Family,

For over 80 years Notre Dame High School has been rooted in strong Catholic traditions as it offers a college prep secondary education that empowers young women to become confident, compassionate, Christian leaders.  Our approach to education offers students a fast start to collegiate success.  Like the college student, the Notre Dame student learns and further develops organizational skills, time management, and self-advocacy.  This educational approach teaches time and task management skills and challenges a student to take increased responsibility for her learning.  At Notre Dame, all young women have an advisor to assure 1:1 attention and assistance.   A modular schedule enables students and teachers alike to be available to each other.  It is affiliated with the National Catholic Educational Association and is sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame gives students an early start on collegiate success by utilizing a college prep approach on a high school campus. Students attend regular classes on a flexible modular schedule with instructors providing engaging instruction and learning. Students participate in small group discussions, apply knowledge and skills in labs and studios, conduct independent research and participate in cooperative learning assignments. By giving students independence, students increase their self-confidence and learn to take accountability for their own continuous life-long learning.  Notre Dame High School’s education experience is enhanced with technology including 1:1 iPad integration.  

We are proud of Notre Dame High School and all that we offer.  Our students thrive with the 1:1 support they receive.  We encourage you to visit our beautiful campus to learn more!

Go Rebels!

Mrs. Amy Bush
Head of Academics & Instruction


Notre Dame High School educates young women to become confident, compassionate Christian leaders. Each student is guided to reach the fullness of her potential and to use her gifts to make a difference in the world around her.

Notre Dame High School provides a college preparatory program to girls from diverse backgrounds through an environment of differentiated instruction.

In the spirit of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and in response to the mission of Jesus in the Catholic tradition, students are educated to integrate lifelong learning, faith, and service into their lives.


The spiritual formation of our students is of utmost importance. Students have many opportunities to grow spiritually.   Students attend an annual retreat experience. Once a month, students attend an all school Mass. There are weekly faith formation activities available to students through our Campus Ministry program.  The Eucharist is reserved in the school chapel and it is open throughout the day for prayer and reflection.


Notre Dame offers a college-prep curriculum, inclusive of Advanced College Credit and Advanced Placement courses, honors level courses in core subject areas for Grades 9-12.   Course offerings are available in Business, English, Math, PE, Science, Social Studies, STEM, Theology, Visual and Performing Arts and World Languages.  The extensive curriculum offerings allow students to take 4+ years of English, Math and Science courses in 4 years.

Dynamic Community

Notre Dame offers a variety of individualized supports, including a full-time learning consultant, school counselors, and nurse.  Each student is paired with a faculty member that serves as their Advisor.  Additionally, students have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of athletics, clubs, organizations and events. These include seasonal sports teams, retreats, school trips, Fall Festival, Father Daughter and Mother Daughter Banquets, school dances, annual color run, and more.


23% Enrollment Increase Over Five Years
80% of Graduates Receive College Scholarships
14% of the Class of 2019 Scored 31 or Higher on the ACT
8000 Alumnae in the Notre Dame High School Family
100+ Required Hours of Service to the Community and School per Student
Over 35 Organized Student Clubs, Extracurricular Activities, and Teams

320 East Ripa Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63125
United States