St. Alphonsus School

Silex, MO
St. Alphonsus School Building

St. Alphonsus School has provided a Catholic education since 1849. Our school offers a rigorous curriculum that is enriched with our Catholic values where students are provided a safe, secure, and nurturing environment to grow academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our faith is strengthened by our love of Christ through the active participation in the Eucharist and by instilling the virtues and the Works of Mercy into our daily lives. St. Alphonsus School is a place where faith and knowledge meet. A place where God is evident in everything that we do.

Mrs. Lisa Huber


St. Alphonsus School is here to: *Educate children in academics and Catholic doctrine with the view of the whole person. *Inspire the students to respect all of God's creations, accept responsibility, and develop a spiritual life. *Develop a Christian community in the school. *Motivate the students to care for and serve others within and outside the community through learning and prayer. St. Alphonsus Catholic School is strongly rooted in faith, education and leadership.


Our faith is strengthened by celebrating the Eucharist with our parish community, through Religion classes, and through serving others. We work on interacting with others in a Christ-like manner.


St. Alphonsus School offers a rigorous curriculum that encourages students to grow academically and spiritually. The students are provided with supplemental opportunities to enhance their learning.

Dynamic Community

Students are provided enrichment programs at all levels. Students utilize Accelerated Reader and Math and StarFall. The upper grade enrichment consists of finance, sign language, sewing, STREAM activities, and robotics. Our school also participates in the Bellarmine Speech program and various math and writing contests.


15:1 Kindergarten through 8th Grade Student to Teacher Ratio
1:1 Student to Technology Device Ratio
Celebrating Over 170 Years of Catholic Education in the Village of Millwood
Almost 80 Years of Combined Catholic Teaching Experience

25 St. Alphonsus Road
Silex, MO 63377
United States