St. Clement of Rome School

St. Louis, MO
St. Clement School Building

St. Clement of Rome Catholic School is a vibrant and growing community in the heart of Des Peres. Our goal is not only to educate the students through academics, but also to instill in our students a commitment toward the daily practice of Catholic Witness and to develop a strong foundation of Catholic values that will carry them throughout life. Since our opening in 1954, St. Clement of Rome Catholic School has provided its students with a solid religious and academic curriculum. Additionally, our students have the opportunity to participate in weekly Mass. Furthermore, the students' academics are enriched through weekly participation in Music, Art, Spanish, STEM and Physical Education classes. The faculty and staff of St. Clement of Rome Catholic School consists of 50 members. We serve Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. In addition to our homeroom and special area teachers, we also have the following specialists on staff: a Coordinator of Religious Education, a Learning Consultant, a School Counselor, a Learning Facilitator and a Nurse.

Mrs. Lori Racine


St. Clement of Rome School will successfully meet the spiritual, academic, social and emotional needs of each individual student in our care. We Nurture the Whole Child.


Throughout the Junior-Kindergarten to 8th Grade experience, the students of St. Clement grow in their relationship with God. Their prayer routine and Mass attendance is a constant, as well as participating in monthly religion lessons offered by our associate pastor. Students study and receive their sacraments, partake in the Divine Mercy prayer and complete service projects. Finally, the students are given opportunities to reflect and pray privately to God.


St. Clement School provides a nurturing climate for all learners through the creation, collaboration, and evaluation of academic and social activities, lessons, and expectations. The school climate is dedicated to the development of the whole student, focusing on the spiritual, academic, social, and emotional needs. Through differentiation in the classroom, guided reading, math enrichment/reteaching, and resource accessibility, our students are met where they are, and supported to grow academically.

Dynamic Community

Students in the PreKindergarten-8th Grade program are encouraged to take risks and develop to their fullest potential. School-wide monthly STEM challenges are offered, as well participation in weekly STEM classes. Students take part in fine arts programs, as well as Physical Education. Qualifying students are also given the opportunity to join in a weekly enrichment program which caters to their global questions and interests.


Weekly STEM class for PreK-8th grade students
Monthly grade-level service projects
Earned 1st place in Catholic Math League contest
Outdoor Learning Lab
Vast majority of parents report St. Clement as a welcoming community
9:1 Student:Teacher ratio

1508 Bopp Road
St. Louis, MO 63131
United States