St. Gerard Majella School

Kirkwood, MO
St. Gerard Majella School Building

Rooted in Faith, Grounded in Excellence, Prepared for Success!

Prepared in Faith...Through a religious education program that fosters a relationship with God through study, prayer, community, liturgy, and service, your child will build his/her success on a solid faith foundation.

Prepared with Confidence... With an outstanding faculty supported by strong parent partnership, your child will build his/her success guided and encouraged by the best.

Prepared for Life-long Learning... Through the experience of a solid, comprehensive, and contemporary curriculum that meets the needs of a wide range of students while advancing the learning of all, your child will build his/her success within a framework of life-long learning.

Prepared with Innovative Approaches... Committed to the utilization of technology as a tool for learning/teaching and a means of communication, your child will build his/her success with access to current means of connectivity.  Introduction of STREAM LAB for grades K-5 and a newly renovated Middle School (6-8) Science Lab.

Prepared to explore New Horizons... A comprehensive K-8 Spanish program as part of the core curriculum will allow your child to build his/her success beyond immediate horizons.

Prepared to Lead... By offering a three year progressive, developmental, and interactive middle school leadership program, your child will learn the skills needed to be a success and make a positive difference in the world. In addition to the above experiences, your child will also have the opportunity to develop his or her gifts and talents, strengthen friendships, and be of service to the family, school, parish, and the greater community.

Ms. Lucy Gintz


St. Gerard Majella School is a place where the promise and potential of every child begins to be realized. The basis of our philosophy is our commitment to educating the whole child while recognizing each child's individuality. In a warm and nurturing environment, faith is strengthened, academic skills are developed, and friendships are formed. Working in partnership with the entire parish community, we prepare students to meet future faith and academic challenges and responsibilities. We believe that respect for self and others is the key to positive self-esteem. We believe that the development of the whole child is best nurtured when there is positive interaction among the home, school, and community.


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd from 3/4 through Grade 4. A strong service program especially in middle school where by the students travel to St. Vincent de Paul Parish and work with their outreach program on a weekly basis. The clergy teach religion once a month to all classes. The school strives to maintain Catholic traditions by attending masses 1/2 per week, confessions, sacramental programs and so on.


St. Gerard Majella is a fully accredited Catholic elementary school for children in 3/4 through Grade 8. Basic instruction in the core subjects is enhanced by placing additional emphasis on the processes of learning, creativity and the acquisition of study skills. Our faculty offers added support to students and their families through the CARE Team, a resource for individualized assistance. We are a Google Apps for Education school. Students grades 2–8 have supervised Google accounts.

Dynamic Community

Students can be challenged in math and language arts through individualization of the curriculum. The middle school is taught pre-algebra and algebra in 7th/8th grade. The middle school elective program allows the students to choose activities that fit their interest such as robotics, 20%, ceramics and sculpting, Spanish, science fair, forensics. The teachers also work with the Special Services department for students who are in need of extra help.


Blue Ribbon School of Excellence 2012
Enrollment of 524 inclusive of 3/4 through Grade 8
1:1 Chromebooks in middle school with a strong emphasis on technology throughout the school. Grades 3-5 are assigned a class Chromebook. St. Gerard Majella School is a Google Apps partner.
Support staff includes: full-time nurse, part-time counselor, 3 full-time resource teachers, academic facilitator, part-time technology coordinator, assistant principal, CRE, and aides from 3/4 through grade 3.
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in 3/4 through Grade 7.
Updated and secure facility, new preschool and primary playgrounds

2005 Dougherty Ferry Road
Kirkwood, MO 63122
United States