St. John the Baptist School

Villa Ridge, MO
St. John the Baptist School Building

Welcome to St. John the Baptist School-Gildehaus! I like to think we are the "best kept" spiritual and educational secret in Franklin County. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Our campus is rural, tranquil, and inviting with our church serving as the focal point. It is easy to feel God's presence everywhere.
  2. Our students are polite, courteous and successful.
  3. The faculty is a combination of experienced and emerging professional educators who provide expertise in delivering the curriculum while always modeling their faith.
  4. One teacher per grade level (PK-8th) has been the standard and continues to be so today.
  5. Extracurricular opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics provide additional student growth.
  6. We are supported by an informed and involved parent organization whose efforts have resulted in the acquisition of learning resources for many years.

Please visit us and learn more about our daily Christ-centered approach here at SJ-G. We are confident you will like what you see and hear about our little "secret."

Ms. Diane Smith


St. John's-Gildehaus is a Christ-centered Catholic community whose stakeholders work cooperatively to grow each child's faith and empower them to develop the skills necessary to make informed decisions while becoming capable, connected, and contributing citizens through prayer, service, and concern for others.


We are truly an example of a generational Catholic community. Students learn to mentor schoolmates, just as many of their siblings, parents and even grandparents mentored before them. They learn beyond the boundaries of classroom walls by being active participants in community events throughout the year. They learn love; love of God, family, and neighbor through prayer, participation in mass, and charitable service .


Area high schools, most notably St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, confirm our students are well prepared when they arrive. Data attained from testing programs organized by the Archdiocese support this claim. Traditionally our students reach the scores of national and archdiocesan averages.

Dynamic Community

Our homeroom classes are small but our spirit is large, and our curriculum is thorough. Our certified and experienced staff prepare students through instruction in: religion, phonics, spelling, reading, language arts, mathematics (including algebra), social studies, and science. Additionally instruction is offered in vocal and instrumental music, visual art, and physical education.


Over the last 5 years overall student enrollment has increased by 14%
13.5:1 Student:Teacher ratio
Computer lab with 21 stations
2 mobile device carts
WiFi/Internet connected classrooms with Electronic Board Technology
Mobile STEM - LAB

5579 Gildehaus Road
Villa Ridge, MO 63089
United States