St. John Vianney High School

St. Louis, MO
St. John Vianney High School building

Thank you for your interest in St. John Vianney High School! Our school is an amazing place, where young men are formed spiritually, academically and personally by dedicated, creative, and faith-filled educators.

Our expert teachers know how to design the most engaging curriculum and lessons for our Vianney Griffins. They provide learning opportunities that match what our young men are passionate about while inspiring them to further explore those interests. A classroom experience at Vianney typically includes a hands-on approach, especially in any of our Math 360 classes or a bridge construction project in Engineering Design. In addition, our two-semester, college-style schedule helps our young men focus more deeply on each class, enhancing their academic success.

As Catholic educators and students, we are called to be followers of Christ. To that end, Faith formation is a critical part, with the school stopping at least three times a day to pray together. Students are also required to complete 100 hours of community service and annual retreats as part of their graduation requirements.

If you are looking for a school that feels like family and cares deeply about each and every student, Vianney is the place! Our Marianist heritage guides us in creating a welcoming atmosphere with a focus on service, which we call our Family Spirit. It is often the first thing that attracts families to Vianney. As a Vianney parent described it, “I love that I have found a place that will love and care for my son, just as I do!"

Mr. Ian Mulligan


St. John Vianney High School is dedicated to forming young men for spiritual, academic and personal excellence in the Catholic, Marianist tradition.


There are many wonderful ways that Vianney supports students to develop a heart and mind for God. Whether it is praying as a school three times a day, celebrating weekly Masses, or participating in annual retreats, students are encouraged to develop an active Faith. As a school, our faculty and staff serve as guides as students explore the mystery of God.


Students can earn college credit while enrolled at Vianney because we are a college-preparatory school. The key to our proven success is our unique Two-Semester College-Style Schedule offering our students four classes in the first semester followed by four new classes in the second semester. Our classes allow teachers to utilize many teaching techniques that create student enthusiasm, intrinsic motivation, and engagement for learning. Innovation, critical thinking, and the latest technology help us deliver an education that develops men of character and accomplishment.

Dynamic Community

Our students are enriched in many ways. From an education that will prepare them for the world's challenges up to and including their mission to achieve personal excellence by participating in our comprehensive sports, band, drama and club activities. Vianney students learn the value of teamwork, inclusivity, respect and love for one another. They meet friends and broaden their educational experience in and outside the classroom within a welcoming environment that allows them to discover their own voice.


99% of Vianney graduates attend college.

12:1 student: teacher ratio.
The average four-year value of college scholarships offered is $65,000 per student.
Up to 80% of our teachers hold an advanced degree in the subject they teach.
UP to 70% of our graduates are offered college scholarships.
Graduates complete 32 credits, among the highest in the Midwest.

1311 South Kirkwood Road
St. Louis, MO 63122
United States