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St. Peter Early Learning Center provides a secure, nurturing and year-round educational environment for your child. We believe your child’s early years play an important role in the development of their educational future. We make learning exciting and challenging for all children based on material that is relevant and meaningful to them. Our engaging curriculum encompasses the developmental needs of the whole child: cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual. We recognize each child as an individual who learns at his or her own pace. We offer positive reinforcement to strengthen their character, and provide a nurturing environment that promotes the natural desire to explore, ask questions, and find answers.

We believe in being supportive of our parents, and welcome your positive involvement and presence. We strive to strengthen the home and school connection through daily emails that provide parents with the day’s activity description and pictures of their child engaging in the classroom. Through this information, parents can choose to provide extension activities at home to correspond to what is being learned at school.

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St. Peter Early Learning Center strives to enrich the early childhood education of children ages six weeks through six years old. Our teachers understand the developmental needs of young children and offer a stimulating curriculum that promotes a positive learning experience. We look at the needs of the whole child and create learning experiences that foster skills in the areas of cognitive, social and physical development.  Character building and learning about the Catholic faith provide the foundation in all of our classrooms.  Our hands-on approach with children strengthens their natural desire to learn, encourages relationship formation with peers, and allows them to explore the world with the teacher’s support and guidance.


Most child care centers are either year-round daycares without an academic curriculum or an academic preschool that only operates in August to May.  St. Peter Early Learning Center offers parents the best of both worlds for your children, as we offer an academic year-round preschool program that integrates hands-on summer camp activities into our core academic curriculum, so your children continue learning throughout the summer.  


The Reggio inspired curriculum at St. Peter Early Learning Center is derived from both the children’s interest and the teachers knowledge of what is developmentally appropriate.  Teachers create their curriculum based upon the needs and developmental stages of the children in their class.  The curriculum includes math, language, science, religion, motor skills, and social activities that adhere to the Missouri Early Learning Standards.  Children’s work is assessed and documented in individual portfolios so we can share their academic growth during parent teacher conferences and throughout the year.  Our program also participates in Jump Bunch, a physical education program that introduces children to a new sport every week.


Lead teachers in the 2yr-old through PK4 classrooms are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education or a similar field of study.
Summer Camp for during the summer months for children ages 6-12 years old
Healthy Food Program with prepared meals for breakfast and lunch
Character building and learning about the Catholic faith provide the foundation in all of our classrooms.

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